Hello, Nice To Meet You!

Here are the people that make Pineapple Dream work!


Britney is the creative behind Pineapple Dream. Her Master's Degree in Textiles + Apparel allows her to  create, design and curate for Pineapple Dream.  


Godfrey is behind all things Marketing and Sales for Pineapple Dream. His Master's Degree in Athletics and Coaching gives him an edge when it comes to our Marketing and sales strategies.  


Beyla is our youngest and most adorable influencer- Not to mention our biggest sales rep! She is definitely our BIGGEST FAN and loves to tell everyone she sees about Pineapple Dream. 

She is also a very talented, young, entrepreneur as she brings several business ideas to life!


Aryeh is our 1st and only teen influencer. His love and dedication to soccer makes him a remarkable addition to our team. He provides and honest view of the world from a teen perspective.


Trinity is our 1st Pineapple Dream Brand Ambassador as well as our Distribution Manager for Raleigh/Durham and surrounding areas! She's your go to girl for all things wholesale/retail inquiries, "The Pours" Events, and your point of contact for all candle distributions in and around the RDU area!


RaShawn is our Set Director, Photographer, and an influential part of our Creative Team. She works for FOOD! (Just Kidding...she just LOVES food!) #foodie


Retired couple, James + Mary, are what we consider the backbone of Pineapple Dream. They find joy in the simple tasks- cutting wax, placing wicks. keeping inventory, etc! We  wouldn't be where we are without them! 

🕊 R.I.P. James (1950-2020)